Las Vegas Chinese New Year – Year of the Hare

Year of the HareAs part of the Chinese New Year celebration in Las Vegas 2011, the Asian –Pacific Cultural Center hosts several events and shows all across Las Vegas. These include food festivals and other events.

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In 2011, Lunar New Year will be celebrated on February 3rd. So, on this day a special event Chinese New Year Celebration and Asian Food Festival will be held between 10AM and 5PM.

This festival is best for the food lovers. Authentic Asian food will be served at the food joints that will be set up at the venue.

The main highlights of this event include –
Folk dance
Traditional dragon dance
Martial art demonstrations

Most of the Chinese New Year celebration in Las Vegas 2011 is expected to take place in Chinatown Plaza although celebrations will take place in other parts of Las Vegas too.

In addition to cleaning homes, making paper lanterns, remembering ancestors, distributing money to kids, paying respect to elders, and preparing good food also comprise celebrations during New Year.

Hong Bao is a Chinese tradition in which some money is kept inside a red envelope and when the kids of the household approach the elders and bow to get blessings, they receive these red envelopes. According to Chinese tradition, red color is lucky and is believed to bring good luck and fortune to a household.

As far as food is concerned, rice dumplings in soup constitute one of the prime dishes during this festive season.

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