Lightroom Plug-in Resources

I wanted to pass on some good resources for Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

  • The official Lightroom Exchange hosted by Adobe
  • Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom Goodies page
    • The most prolific Lightroom plug-in developer, Jeffrey’s site is an amazing wealth of solutions
  • Timothy Armes’s Photographer’s Toolbox page
    • Timothy has a diverse set of add-ons for Lightroom from image processing to metadata handling
  • Vladimir Vinogradsky’s Plug-in Page
    • Vladimir’s plug-ins have become quite popular for MobileMe integration as well as exporting to Costco, Snapfish and Adorama
  • The Turning Gate Web Gallery Plug-in Site
    • The Turning Gate provides the most comprehensive set of web gallery solutions for Lightroom
  • John Beardsworth’s Lightroom plug-ins
    • John’s plug-ins help extend Lightroom’s Digital Asset Management(DAM) capabilities
  • Todd Dominey’s Slideshow Pro
    • Todd’s Slideshow Pro gallery is one of the most popular and elegant web gallery solutions for Lightroom
  • Sean McCormack’s assorted plug-ins
    • Sean provides several web gallery plug-ins as well as assorted plug-ins including a model release metadata solution
  • Matt Dawson’s The Photo Geek’s Web Site
    • Photoshop Elements integrations tools and much more
  • Lightroom Plug-ins Site
    • Handy solutions like automatic backup removal and a new soft proofing plug-in
  • Nik Software
  • OnOne Software

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