Set the white balance for all of your photos

Manipulating with white balance (also called color balance, gray balance and neutral balance) can make some cool effects on your photos. Most of the time you want to change the temperature of your photos to make the photo look cold or warm. To do this you just simply drag the white balance slider to the left (cold temperature) or to the right for a warmer look. But what if you really want your image to look natural, as it does in daylight?. You can do this in different ways.The first step is to check your camera settings. Is the White balance set to “Auto” or perhaps a fixed value (like cloud, daylight, sunlight etc.)? If you’re taking photos of products it’s very important that you have the correct white balance set. Especially if you’re not shooting in RAW. Why? Well, if you’ve set your camera to compress (post process) your final images into JPEGs, the white balance will be “burned” into the image and if you later want to change it in LR or any other software, you will lose image quality one way or another.

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