Micheline Pitt

During Viva Las Vegas 14,  I had a chance to shoot Micheline Pitt

Out-of-Focus Photos

Micheline Pitt – Twitter

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In her own words: ” I am much more than just some “pretty girl”: perceptions can be deceiving. I design clothes for Pinup Girl Clothing.com, and I have a line that I partnered up with my boss, Laura Byrnes, to do called Deadly Dames. I used to do animation, tattooing, and so many other things. I don’t drink at all- I have never had any interest in it. I don’t do drugs- again, never had any interest in it, and I definitely do not smoke. I hate “partying”; I’d rather geek out over movies, eat dinner or hang out with friends. I am a HUGE NERD and proud of it; I love comics, toys, conventions, and watching as many different films as I can. I work more than anyone I know- 7 days a week; it’s a love-hate relationship.

The one thing that makes me happy in life is accomplishing something to validate my existence. If you just roll through life without goals and ambitions, you will never do anything. I have dreams and I am working toward them every day…and I think they are finally happening. I love the gratification of reaching my goals and making money. But at the end of the day I realize that life is short, and I just want a nice little place to call my own and someone with whom to share my life.
I love playing dress up even if I have no one to dress up for, and I love my Halloween PJ’s. I have a weird sense of humor and OFTEN laugh at things I shouldn’t. I am not a Man-Eater that people seem to think I am. I am shy, and am often on the receiving end of the heartbreak. I day-dream far to often and it usually involves me living on top of a hill in a spooky Victorian House… endless amounts of toys and pinball machines and monsters.My idea of a perfect day is going on vacation…traveling…and anything involving turquoise water or sleeping in.I also love art and making it; when I have the time, I sit and draw and design clothes.I have lots of guilty pleasures and listening to Hip Hop is one of them. As far as work goes…
As far as work goes….. ”

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