VLV15 – Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 15

You like “Pinup“?  “Retro”?  “Girls in tight clothes and ink”?

Well Viva Las Vegas Weekender is for you!!!

In the next few week I am going to be posting some “High” point of the VLV 15

Vintage swimsuits contests, concerts and show of more than 700 classic cars punctuate the 4 days of the biggest Rockabilly rally in the world. Every year, the “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender”” takes place in the Orleans Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

Almost 200,000  lovers of tight skirts, old Cadillacs,  and Elvis go on a pilgrimage to the entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas becomes for a while a Mecca for the American 50’s culture and music.
It is a Rockabilly concert after another, with slicked-back haired musicians getting the aficionados jiving to the electric guitars and double basses. After a well-deserved night of rest, people gather around the Orleans Casino ‘s pool to attend to a vintage swimsuits contest. Over a Daiquiri or a Cuban  drinks, rockabilly‘s lovers take a nap or re-act scenes of Blu Hawaii or Fun in Acapulco movies.

The festival ends with the sound of fine pieces of engineering on the car park. Each year, 700 cars are expected and owners rival in creativity to beat the spirits of american classic cars lovers. Diesel motors and Japanese cars are not accepted. The organization is very strict and makes sure that the Rockabilly ‘s heritage and the american myth are preserved.

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