Add Images from Lightroom to your WordPress Blog Automatically

From Terry White’s Blog

Although I really like WordPress as a blogging engine, I find the process of uploading and adding images to a post to be a bit archaic. You can style your blog just about any way you want using CSS. You can add video pretty easily from a variety of different sources. However, when it comes to adding images the process is still pretty painful and the one thing I dislike the most when it comes to writing a post. While you can upload multiple images at once using the built-in Flash based uploader, laying the images out one-by-one is tedious. You have to bring up the Import dialog each time. I found the Faster Image Insert WordPress Plugin and that has been a great productivity booster, but alas the process still requires that you prep the images first manually before you even bring up the uploader in the first place. That’s where the LR/Blog plugin comes in.

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