Lost In Paradise: Viva Las Vegas 16

If you missed Viva Las Vegas 16, or just love to relive again..  Take a look at this video

Lost In Paradise FaceBook Page

Welcome to Lost In Paradise at Viva Las Vegas 16!

The Biggest rockabilly party in the world. This was my first time and I had no idea how BIG this event actually was. This is a very small glimpse into this event. Lets double down and explore this paradise rockabilly style!

First off, I have to thank the amazing sponsors of this episode:

Kahuna Kevin’s Cocktails

The Atomic Boutique

Special thanks to spokesmodel Dinah DeRosa

Jonny B & The Avenues

The 44s

Annie & the Malagueta Boys

Cool Cat Cry

The Buzzards

Rockin Roy Orbison Show with Marcel Riesco

Lux De Ville

The Blue Caps with Graham Fenton

The Aquasonics

Special thanks to the Hard Fall Hearts for the sound bite and the use of their track “Devil Doll” for my fashion and car show segment.

Hard Fall Hearts

Secrets In Lace

Dick Dale

Little Richard

Thanks for tuning in, here’s hoping you find your own paradise, Aloha!

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