Photo of the Day – Dry Lake

Shana Taylor

Shana Taylor

A very popular spot for photographers and models to shoot for their portfolios is a dry lake bed approximately 15 miles southeast of metropolitan Las Vegas, near Boulder City. It gives a stark, cracked-earth look that extends far off into the distance. In all, the dry lake bed is about four miles long and ¾ of a mile wide.

Part of its popularity with photographers is because the ground is a very light gray color which acts as a reflector, so harsh shadows are lessened even without supplemental light or another reflector. It makes the photographer’s job easier and can be flattering for the model even in direct sunlight.

Because it is so visible from the highway and easily accessible the lake bed is also popular for a many other recreational uses, ranging from kite-flying to a variety of off-road vehicles and even ultralight aircraft. Unfortunately those users leave sometimes deep marks in the land, so finding a relatively pristine surface to shoot a model in can be a bit difficult.

MODEL:  Shana Taylor

PHOTO:  Brad Boening

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