Viva Las Vegas Weekender 16 – Pretty Thoughts Latex

Pretty Thoughts

Latex is the everyday high fashion. Pretty Thoughts strives to create beautiful, wearable designs for day and cocktail wear in two lines: Equinox and Rockabilly. Vintage inspired from over the decades, Equinox focuses on blending high fashion into an elegant look appropriate for any dress occasion–be it a fancy date or a night on the town. Rockabilly is the edgy older sister; 50’s retro inspired, Rockabilly provides fun day + night outfits for the sweet yet sassy rockin’ gal.

Pretty Thoughts is pioneering the world of fashion by creating mainstream, ready to wear latex clothing. There’s lots of interest in latex thanks to celebrities like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, but most latex designers do not cater to the mainstream and the separate needs and attention they have as an audience. With a special finishing process, Pretty Thoughts has created a friendly approach where women can work flattering latex clothing into their everyday wardrobe.

All Pretty Thoughts latex designs are chlorinated for ease of wear– no mess, no fuss! To make all fashionable dreams come true, the chlorination process allows for anyone to mix and match latex pieces with your current wardrobe. The flattering smoothness and fit of latex makes it an ideal fabric for everyone. It holds you in and smooths you out, so the last thing on your mind is not looking good in your outfit.

Following photos were taken during the Viva Las Vegas 16 Fashion Show

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