Top 10 Famous Pin-Ups of all Time!

While the origin of the “pin up” girl dates to the 19th century, this quintessential American icon flourished during the 1940’s.

Specifically, the pin up became omnipresent during World War II when photos of leggy Betty Grable, seductive Rita Hayworth, “sweater girl” Lana Turner and many other stunning movie stars graced the footlocker of many GI’s, sailors and marines to lift spirits and remind the servicemen “what they were fighting for.”

Very quickly, the image evolved into an illustrated form and was used as provocative and morale-boosting art on B-17’s and other aircraft in Europe and the Pacific. The pin up was also ubiquitous in calendars and many forms of advertising – all depicting young shapely women in relatively innocent but captivating poses.

Meanwhile, on the home front, various new seafood-processing plants called canneries were gaining in popularity. Mothers brought their families to these new operations for economical dining and to socialize with others waiting for their men to return.

The Cannery and Eastside Cannery Casinos proudly salute the united spirit and classic style of that remarkable era by integrating the pin up girl into its brand. In addition to its historical significance, the classic sexy image reflects our commitment to providing a fun and entertaining experience for all our guests.


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