Before I begin, the very fact that you dig this site enough to seek out more information makes you freaking awesome in my books. Thanks.

Out-of-Focus Photography originally started out as a place for me to vent, rant and show on the topic of Photography – which happens to be my weapon of choice.  What the site has evolved into however,  is a place for me to share my inspirational findings with other creative individuals.  Hopefully you enjoy this stuff as much as I do.

About the Photographer:

Brad Boening was born in 1974 in San Antonio, Tx and is currently resides in Las Vegas and works in Information Technology. He began taking photos 17 years ago and enjoys finding the “perfect picture”. For the past 3 years, Brad has devoted most of his attention towards the art of photography and it is that devotion to his pictures that will allow him to become a true artist and aspiring photographer.

About Out-of-Focus:
Specializing in “Natural Light – Location” Photography.  Including Macros, Events, Sports, and Portraits


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Basic Portrait/Headshot
 – $75
Includes one look, photography takes place outside,  studio is extra. Image delivered electronically, includes digital retouching.

Deluxe portrait/headshot
 – $175
Includes three looks, photography takes place outside,  studio is extraImages delivered electronically, includes digital retouching.

Buodoir – $250 and up
Includes 2 hours of photography, on location. Images delivered electronically, includes digital retouching.

Architectural Interiors
 – $150 per room
This rate is flexible depending on your project.
Architectural Exteriors – $500
Flat rate includes site evaluation and consulation.
Automotive – $250 and up
Includes 2 hours of photography on location. Additional cars/services can be added for a custom package.
Catalog work – Varies depending on job.

2 hour event package – $250
4 hour event package – $400

I shoot select weddings. Let’s talk about your needs.
Pricing starts at $1500, but always remains flexible.

I am available as a freelance trade show photographer. My system allows for near instant image delivery with your staff. Contact me directly for details and rates. Base rate $1200 per 8hr day.

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  3. Your photography is nothing short of amazing! Really great work here. Also, I LOVE this template, what’s the name of it? I’d like to change mine over to this one too! To bad all my pictures are at 786 wide right now though haha. Will look ridiculous at first haha.

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