Roy Varga – The Hardest working Man in Pin-up

Varga started back in 2004 as something fun to do on a boring Sat morning, He had the bright idea to shoot his friends along with himself in the retro style he loves with a bit of attitude, you can still find that shoot in his gallery today. From that innocent action of fighting boredom it started him on a track that would quickly snow ball into what is Varga today.

Roy Varga

Varga now travels to 24 locations across the U.S. including Hawaii offering Pin-Up shoots and has been published in over 22 magazines and 3 books, As well as producing his annual Varga Calendar. Labeled “The Hardest working Man in Pin-up” Varga continues to produce eye-catching work and plans to for as long as he can push that button.












Varga 2013 Pinup Calendar 12″x12″ (12″x24″ OPEN) –

This Huge Calendar is Perfect for any guys Shop wall.

Our Brand New 2013 Pinup Calendar is now available.

This is our best calendar yet with Kustom Tattoo Flash for every month and Sexy Pinup girls doing what they do best.




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